GURUGRAM: Haryana Home Minister Anil Vij on Tuesday dismissed investigation into GST input tax credit fraud, in which two Chartered Accountants (CAs) were arrested last week , to the state police chief on Tuesday after meeting with a delegation from the Institute of Chartered Accountants. of India (ICAI), who protested the arrests.
The ICAI calls for a detailed investigation by an independent agency into the fraud and the role of CGST officials. The association had earlier met with Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman after the deputy commissioner and a superintendent of the CGST office (Gurugram) were suspended on Monday.

The Central Directorate of Indirect Taxes and Customs, which depends on the Union’s Ministry of Finance, issued an order on Wednesday for the transfer of three senior officials of the CGST. Gurugram Commissioner Meenu Kumar has been transferred to Siliguri CGST (appeals). Paul Rajendera Lakra, the Commissioner (Appeals) of CGST Delhi area, will be the new CGST Commissioner of Gurugram. Additional Commissioner Abhinav Yadav was transferred to Bhubaneshwar, while Deputy Commissioner Gurugram Ankit Agrawal was delegated to the CGST office in Lucknow.
Association members, who have been staging protests outside the Gurugram CGST office since May 20, said they were meeting with senior state and central government politicians to highlight the case and the roles of the senior officials of the CGST. “CAs have become scapegoats. Fraud cannot be committed without the active involvement of CGST officials at many levels. Suspending or transferring officials is not enough. We want them booked and arrested” said Naveen Garg, Chairman of North Indian Regional Council of ICAI.
He said an ICAI delegation met Minister Anil Vij on Wednesday. “We presented our case to him and briefed him on the matter. He listened to us and referred the matter to Haryana DGP for further investigation,” Garg added.
Mohit Singhal, President of ICAI’s Gurugram Chapter, said, “If the arrested CAs are guilty, the court will rule on their case. But the question is when action will be taken against the CGST officials involved?
ICAI member Pradeep Yadav said he also received support from the Gurugram District Tax Bar Association. ICAI is now considering moving the High Court and Supreme Court against CGST officials. “We plan to take our legal fight to the higher courts. Bail applications for the two CAs will also be filed in the Sessions Court,” Yadav added.
The fraud investigation began after an anonymous complaint was filed with the CGST on May 2 about fraudulent ITC claims of around Rs 15 crore. On May 4, the anti-evasion branch of the CGST opened an investigation into the fraudulent reimbursements of eight entities and raided their premises. One of the main beneficiaries of the ITC claims, amounting to around Rs 5.6 crore, was arrested on May 6.
The anti-evasion wing has since expanded its investigation to cover 12 additional entities. Gurugram-based CAs Sunil Mahalawat and Gaurav Dhir were arrested on May 18 for issuing certificates to two of the entities for ITC refunds amounting to crores under Section 132 (Tampering Punishment registers or incitement to fraud) of the CGST law.