With many people just starting to file their taxes, we answer all your tax questions.

CHARLOTTE, NC — It’s been almost a week since North Carolina began accepting personal tax returns, though the IRS has been open for business since late January.

With many people just starting to file, we answer all your tax questions.

In 2021, Congress amended the child tax credit for the year. The pandemic has created difficulties for many families.

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Can you claim the childcare tax credit if you didn’t work or have no income in 2021?



Yes, you can claim the Child Care Tax Credit if you did not work or had any income in 2021. However, you must ensure that your tax return is filed correctly for this. make.

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The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 temporarily extended child tax credits for the year.

The law increased the credit to $3,000 per child and $3,600 for children under 6

American Rescue Plan has made the credit fully refundable for families who have lived in the United States for more than six months in 2021. And half the credit has been allowed to be paid in advance in monthly installments to families.

According to the IRS, under 2021 rules, those eligible for a child tax credit can receive the full credit as a refund.

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“This was a one-time change to the law just for 2021, but it allowed people who say they have Social Security and are caring for a child to get benefits,” Bartlett said.


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Bartlett said for 2021, families with no earned income can qualify for the child tax credit if they meet the criteria. This means claiming it all on your tax return. Remember that half of the credit has been split into monthly payments, but the other half can be applied to your tax bill or refund.

“The other half of the credit must be claimed on the 2021 tax return, so it’s imperative that people who may not be used to filing come in and file so they can get the second half of this child tax credit,” Bartlett mentioned.

Bartlett tells us it’s important for people to file their taxes even if they’re below typical income thresholds, which range from $20,500 for head of household to under $12,500 for single filing status.

“There are many reasons why people who are not required to file might want to file, especially in 2021 due to the Child Tax Credit and the Enhanced Income Tax Credit” , Bartlett said.

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