If you work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., calculating your taxes is a simple task that you can do yourself or through any regular tax accountant. But, for workers in the gig economy, paying taxes can get complicated.

People who work in jobs that fall outside the confines of a typical 9 to 5 face more demands when filing taxes and often receive many questions about their jobs from tax accountants. Additionally, most have been discriminated against by an accountant or tax department. These experiences make tax filing an unpleasant activity.

Imagine a platform where you could file your taxes without facing unnecessary scrutiny and judgment from tax accountants. This platform is: Pypr. Pypr offers millennials and content creators a safe space to find a tax accountant who can serve without judgement.

Why create a tax service

We asked Pypr founder Paige why she started Pypr, and here’s what she had to say: “We think everyone should be proud to file their taxes, and accountants are a big part of that. That’s why we created a platform where people of all careers could access tax services without judgement. »

Paige, who previously worked in the nightlife industry, struggled to find an accountant who could help her manage her taxes without judging or questioning her career choices. Her negative experiences with accountants encouraged Paige to open a non-judgmental tax service.

With the boom in OF during the pandemic, Pypr has been a boon for creators in need of tax services. Pypr also helps dancers, adult industry content creators and models, and social media content creators manage their tax obligations. With Pypr, taxpayers don’t have to worry about answering awkward questions about their work.

Greatest Accomplishments

Paige founded Pypr in February 2022 and the company has made huge strides in a month. The firm has built an extensive network of tax accountants serving clients throughout the United States and Canada. Additionally, Pypr has made personal finance information accessible to millennials and content creators.

Paige says, “Many creators have high six-figure incomes and don’t know what to do with them or how to prepare for the future. This is where we help. “Pypr uses its platform to provide its clients with information on wealth building and management and entrepreneurship.

The biggest challenges

Pypr’s biggest challenge is convincing target customers that they can benefit from its services. According to Paige, convincing creators that they could save a lot of money in taxes by working with a tax department that understands their industry is the company’s biggest hurdle.

However, Pypr Partners can handle taxes for people working in industries that most tax filing websites would find unconventional.

Word to the wise

“It’s never too early to organize your finances. Almost all income is taxable and you must file a return each year. Paige said. “We want to understand your financial goals in life so that we can better help you achieve them.”

Managing a tax department helped Paige understand the importance of taxes in wealth management. By filing tax returns regularly, one gets a clearer picture of one’s income and can learn how to manage and increase one’s income.

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