Hyderabad: Several residents who took advantage of the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation’s Early Bird scheme and paid their property taxes online in April were shocked by the status of their tax still showing as ‘pending’.
Residents were forced to repeatedly visit local GHMC offices and banks to rectify cases of payment issues. For example, a resident of Moula Ali, who paid property tax for four of his apartments, discovered that only one of them had passed while the status of the others indicated “on hold”.

Sri Latha, a resident of Jubilee Hills, claimed she paid her property tax on April 23 and later received a message on her mobile phone saying the pending arrears remained the same.
The biggest concern for property taxpayers, who paid during the Early Bird program (in April), is whether they will still be eligible for the 5% rebate under the program. “My main concern now is that the payment did not go through, and even if I get the refund, does that mean I will not be eligible for the discount under the program? Officials need to clarify,” Latha told TOI.
Another Mothinagar resident also faced the same problem when she received a message on her phone and after checking the status online she found that she still owed 2,563 despite paying online.
Official sources said that the issue has been seen for a few online payments and they are fixing the issue. “There are a few technical issues that our IT wing has already fixed and there is no need to panic as most of the land taxpayer issues have already been resolved,” a wing GHMC official told TOI. tax.
In April, GHMC collected 742.41 crores from more than 6.5 lakh people across the city. Out of which, 4.78 lakh of them paid online which generated 333 crore for the civic body.