It’s time to shift the concept of accountants from “figure crunchers” to “problem solvers”. As the tax landscape becomes more complicated and confusing with rapidly changing legislation, your customers need a proactive partner, not just a once-a-year order taker.

Rising customer expectations for proactive, value-added services have likely driven your business to expand its offerings beyond compliance-based practices.

If you recognize the importance of providing more proactive strategic advice and higher value consulting services, but are unsure how to successfully transition, here’s where to start:

Provide strategic consulting services

Being proactive and providing high-value strategic consulting services to your clients can help your business overcome industry challenges such as commoditization and competition. Make sure that when your staff members meet with clients during peak tax season, they lead the discussion on tax strategies. Encourage them to ask questions and dig deeper to identify the problems customers are trying to solve. Take advantage of these opportunities to determine what additional services you can offer to establish yourself as trusted advisors.

Strengthen customer relationships

Advisory services give your staff a reason to reach out more than once a year at tax time. Ask them to schedule meetings on a monthly or quarterly basis to review and update counseling strategies with each client.

Support business growth

Strategic services don’t just help your customers succeed. They also contribute to your bottom line! Learn how to leverage your data to show clients documented strategy results, including tax savings, and watch your own business KPIs soar.

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