The Hale County Tax Collector’s Office will be closed June 13-17.

Employees will be in training, Roland Nash said.

Nash, the county’s tax collector, said the group will undergo training in Amarillo on several topics he says will improve services for the county. They will cover title fraud training, record keeping, DMV topics, and state comptroller topics, to name a few.

This is the first time, to his knowledge, that the office will be able to send all of its employees to this training, which usually takes place in a different city each year.

He’s excited about the wealth of knowledge the group will bring back to Hale County, though the office closure may embarrass some.

According to the Hale County website, the office operates the following services:

  • Registration renewals (license plates and registration stickers)
  • Vehicle title transfers
  • Change of address on motor vehicle registers
  • Free license plates such as Purple Heart and Disabled Veterans license plates
  • Disabled parking signs
  • Copies of registration receipts
  • Temporary registration
  • Voting register

Those with business in the office are encouraged to drop by next week or wait until the week of June 20 to get through. Most tasks can also be handled online.